Port Douglas, Australia

Port Douglas, Australia

Next day I hired a satellite phone as a safety precaution for the cape drive and we headed off with the dogs, up the coast to visit Duncan (Jills man) at Hartleys Crocodile Adventures. Pre this we stopped at a beautiful beach (Palm Cove) to give the dogs a run and maybe have some lunch. WELL. Our pleasant day was about to take a turn for a worse!! I won’t dwell on it long but we came across the craziest woman with the most extreme road rage I have ever encountered. Short version – tried to find parking spaces for mine and Jills car, Jill drove literally a metre too far to turn into parking lot. She went to reverse and so did I and Crazy lady was behind me, I saw her and only had to reverse a little. She tooted, I ignored her. Jill went to drive into parking lot and I called out window that I can’t park in there due to my storage pod on roof. I drove on. Jill apologised to Crazy lady (C.L). CL growled saying the world doesn’t revolve around us etc. I found park right down end of street but then couldn’t get hold of Jill so drove back again. All the while this was a cruisy beachside street with people stopping for photos, strolling across the road with kids and dogs etc. I found Jill, pulled over completely out of the way, and explained I found a park down the other end. She then told me about CL growling at her. Nec Minute, C.L comes up to my window and starts having a go saying same thing “the world doesn’t revolve around you, get off the road etc”. To which I should have wound up the window and ignored her, BUT I did not. Instead it may have ended up in a wee aggressive argument in the middle of the road to which I ended up launching out of the car and telling her to kindly go away but using other exotic words and not at all kindly! In the end I got back in my car and resorted to handling the situation like a 5 yr old by simply tooting the horn every time she tried to talk… He he he Soo mature…. We finally removed ourselves from the situation, had a lovely calming walk on the beach and decided to skip lunch and head to Hartleys. So we are on our way and just when I had been thinking I should feel sorry for the woman, she was obviously having a really bad day. Blow me down, there she is behind me, driving like a crazy person, yelling out the window, flippin the bird and swerving all over the place.

I ignored her behaviour, until she was getting far too close up my rear end for my liking, so I called her bluff and yup, slammed on the anchors.. Well that got her to back the F*** off.
This carried on for another 5ks and then Jill in front of me indicated, did I want to pull over to check out another beach. I was about to wave her to carry on then thought maybe if we pull over C.L. will bugger off.
Just as we pull over though, C.L. follows us and clearly wasn’t wanting a friendly chat!. With this, I tooted at Jill, planted my foot and left her eating some gravel. Jill followed suit and thankfully due to traffic, C.L was unable to follow us again.
OMG what utter madness!!!!

So much for not dwelling on it LOL. Sorry.

Post this however, we arrived at Hartleys, had a great afternoon holding
pythons, blue tongue lizards and checking out the crocs and then all
off to Port Douglas for fun night of dancing and gossiping.

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