Cairns chaos

Cairns chaos
Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

After a great night in Yeppoon I set off to Cairns with intentions of a smooth run and yup, the first 2 hours of the trip was great.
However, after being stuck behind some slow traffic I became slightly impatient and decided to pass the cruisers to make a little headway. That was fine, BUT I guess I wasn’t watching my speedo quite as well as I thought I was and next thing, over the hill was Mr Policeman! Damn, braked and checked my speed and Yup I think I was over. They didn’t even have to put their lights on, they did a U turn behind me and I just pulled over. DOH!!!
Yes, yes I was speeding and no slap on the wrist either it was a nice fine to travel the rest of the journey with me, Grrrr. The annoying thing was that in another 300m it changed to 110k zone anyway!!

So the next hour or so of the journey was a bit tight lipped I must say and then I finally calmed down and realised that everything happens for a reason and maybe that was a wee reminder from the universe to just be extra careful as I will be travelling some pretty long distances on my adventures.
Post me calming down I finally had a bright idea! There must be an app to warn me of my speed, just in case it gets away on me again and putting my seat back so I can just reach the pedals isn’t really the safest option.
Hazaaah, after pulling over for a pit stop, sure enough I found a great little app that will possibly save my hiney, I can set it to whatever speed I want and if I go over it then a loud, disturbing alarm fires off to remind me I’m being a ****. Great!

So onward I forged with my safety mechanism in place and I was rather proud that it only alarmed at me twice from then on. Yay..
(On telling good ole Mum of my plight a week after its occurence, she kindly reminded me that whilst travelling with her, she serves as the alarm but gets in trouble if she says anything. Yes Mumsy you were right again! Perhaps I could record your voice and set it as the alarm, he he)

Anywho after several stops for toilets, petrol, scenery and a dinner break in Townsville I trudged on and finally made it to Jills place in Cairns at 2300hrs. A 13 hr trip. Glad to have that done n dusted.

Was so good to see Jill, meet her new man and their babies Ned and Please (the blue heelers) and have a comfy bed to sleep in.
The next day was a relaxed one. Spent planning the next leg of my journey,
catching up on gossip and having a delicious lunch at the Salthouse by
the water. Unfortunatley Jill had a night shift so after a spot of
dinner it was an early night for me while she headed off to save the
world.. Well those in need of help in Cairns anyway.

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