Jam packed weekend

Jam packed weekend
Cania Gorge National Park, Australia

Cania Gorge National Park, Australia

Last weekend away before finishing up in Baralaba.
Had an absolute blast at Cania Gorge NP.
My mate Clint came up from Brizzy to spend a few days making the most out of this beautiful area.
The camp ground was fantastic, equipped with: cabins and camp sites, water park, mini golf course, outdoor movies and more..

Day 1:
Arrived around 7pm, checked into cabin, cooked up some dinner and waited for Clint to arrive.
Clint rocked up and we enjoyed dinner and a catch up then played cards till time for bed.

Day 2:
Up nice and early, had breaky then off on the mountain bikes to explore..
Checked out a replica of Bartletts Home (A family that lived in the area for many years. Mr Bartlett was famous for his home made damper bread, vegetable growing, recording of rainfall in the area, raising his large family is such a small home and taking visitors on tours around the National Park.)
Then we headed off to take a look at Lake Cania and some of the walking tracks.

The 5k ride there certainly got the heart pumping and It was a lovely spot at the lookout to regain composure and catch our breath.

Apparently at the bottom of Lake Cania lies the old township, which was covered over with the construction of the dam. Bit of a shame to know that such a historical gold mining town is never to be explored again.
The lake itself is plenty big enough for all sorts of fun activities and certainly is very picturesque.

Our efforts of getting to the lookout was rewarded with a fast trip back down the hill and only a minor case of the speed wobbles.

On our way back we decided we would bike one of the short walking tracks to check out some old gold mine shaft sites. Neat to see such historical spots and think that all those years ago the miners who had travelled from afar, worked here trying to strike the payload.
After appreciating the history of the area it was a fun ride back to camp (getting airborne in a few spots) to then cram in a few more activities.

After an energetic morning it was time for an afternoon Dickencider and a wee round of golf, however the course proved to be alot more difficult than anticipated. After going up hill and down dale and trying not to hit any of the resident roos on the course, we finished up with Clint taking the title. Dammm.

Then we meandered over for the afternoon bird feeding session to check out the local parrots that have learnt where to get a good feed. This included very loud lorakeets, galas, cockatoos and the odd king parrot.

Next on the agenda was, beat the rush to the showers and then head to the restaurant area with open campfire for wine tasting and woodfired pizza. YUMMMM!!

After indulging in the above we decided to waddle over and check out the outdoor movie, unfortunately due to school holidays it wasn’t a great movie choice, however by this stage bed was pretty appealing so earlyish night it was.

Day 3:
Up early again, possibly due to all the kids running around outside the cabin and off for a day of hiking.
Some stunning rock formations, plenty of birdlife, rock wallabies and good tracks.
Back to camp for lunch then off to the lake again to hire a kayak and try a spot of fishing..
Couldn’t have asked for better weather and had a great day playing on the water. No luck with a fish unfortunately but at least we fed them some prawns. : )

Some further exploring of the back roads in the Rav then chilled out with a nice wine and some nibbles until it was time to light a campfire and chat around that until it was too cold to stay outside. Ahh living the dream…

Day 4:
A wee sleep in then an awesome breaky of bacon, eggs, beans n toast then time to pack up and prepare to head back to reality.
Unfortunately Clint had to head back to Brisbane but I decided to hang around and ride/ walk one more track.
This started off well with a slightly rugged but fairly horizontal track but then turned into rocky creek beds, sandy spots and ascending steps. Doh!!

Where I couldn’t ride I carried the bike so a good work out to say the least. And after reaching the top of the hill and admiring the view, it certainly was an interesting ride down. I was just getting the hang of a few jumps over speed bumps (track drains) when I maybe got a bit cocky and decided to fly over the handle bars, somehow getting my legs tangled in the bike and down I went.. Owiiieeeee

After regaining my composure and being grateful that no one had witnessed my calamity I limped on, carrying the bike down some steps and made it to the road where I managed to ride smoothly back to Rizzo.
Still only one hiccup to a great weekend in another beautiful National Park.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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