Into the machine!!

Into the machine!!
Baralaba, Australia

Baralaba, Australia

So one of the charming local lads managed to organise a time for me to visit Baralaba Mine.
I got the full tour of both mine sites of the area, which was really interesting.

Both mine sites were smaller than what I expected from looking at the great holes in the ground on google maps, but still the scale of the machinery was incredible.

The quality of coal from this mine is pretty high, hence why it is still functional, and along with being exported, alot of coal is sold to neighbouring mines to mix with their own coal to improve the quality.

This mine runs 24hrs a day and has back to back crews that work 12hr shifts, 7 days a week then have 7 days off. Pretty boring work I would expect but when your getting paid over $100,000 a year for only working 6 months of it, I don’t think I would complain.

The large white digger weighs around 270 ton and its bucket alone holds 60 ton of earth. The big dump trucks hold around 220 ton of earth and spend most the time clearing surface dirt (overburden) in order to get to the coal.

Well that’s enough Mine info check out the pics.

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