Baralaba Banter

Baralaba Banter
Baralaba, Australia

Baralaba, Australia

Well I’ve now been working in Baralaba for 4 weeks and time has flown. I live 20 steps from the hospital itself in the old nurses quarters, which is cosy enough and the bed is super comfy, so I’m not complaining..

I was originally signed up for 6 weeks here but have extended until July 20th as it is a good place to save some $$. A great little friendly community with a population of approx. 290 people, mainly miners and beef farmers.

A large and high grade coal mine is 10 mins away and the Dawson River flows along side the town. The hospital itself is fantastic, only built in 2011 (largely due to the mine needing medical services nearby) and it consists of 2 A+E beds, 4 Acute beds and 5 Aged care beds. The old hospital was replaced due to safety reasons. The staff are great and although it can be a sleepy little place it has been a great reintroduction to practical nursing after 10 months in Tele health.

So far I have had an active social calendar with ANZAC night at the local pub (which included meeting a colleague and her family there, a few beverages leading to karaoke and then chatting to some locals till the wee hours of the morning), a road trip to Rockhampton (for an emergency dental trip, due to a filling going AWOL), a day exploring the coast and a night in Yeppoon (stunning), a jam packed day of horse riding and farm affairs at Myella farmstay, dinners out with colleagues at local pubs/taverns here, in Banana (yup Banana), Moura and even Baralaba bowls club and then experienced the fireworks and entertainment at the local show.

Bowls club dinners occur every Sat night and consist of some of the local ladies preparing yummy salads, side dishes and deserts to compliment the boys BBQ, felt like a family Christmas affair.

Each fortnight I’ve headed to the nearby larger town of Biloela for groceries as the local store (Majors) is great for essentials but doesn’t quite cover it all.

So far my trusty $10 cash converters bike has done me well exploring the area, coupled with the YY express I think I’ve pretty much covered the town so will have to venture further afield now.

Well I’ve just finished 6 night shifts and now have 3 days off so will have to get up to something new. Possibly a spot of fishing on the river, a tour of the mine, piggin with the locals or head to Capricorn caves near Rockhampton.

Will keep you thoroughly posted..

Over n out,


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